Problems with your sewer line could create even bigger problems in your plumbing system, which could decrease the value of your home and even make it an unsafe place to live. If you have experienced a clog or a collapsed sewer line, it’s time to call the experts to take care of any repairs that will be necessary. Repairing a sewer line isn’t quite the same as repairing minor plumbing problems in your home; it is a much more critical, complex, and potentially dangerous procedure. Because of this, we recommend anyone living in Oakland or Macomb County, Michigan area to put the safety of their family and the value of their home in the capable hands of the expert plumbing technicians at Universal Plumbing and Sewer.

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Sewer line Camera Inspection

A camera inspection of the sewer line is one of the first steps toward repairing the problematic line. Before the line can be repaired, a plumber must first diagnosis what is going on in the drain line. There are many different issues that can cause a back up, such as a belly in the line, a shifted pipe, tree roots, or a back pitched line.  A camera inspection and sewer line locator is the most efficient way of handling this task. This is one of the many reasons it is recommended to allow a professional to handle your sewer line repairs. A professional plumbing company will usually carry their own portable sewer camera and locating equipment, the perfect apparatus for the job. Our expert technicians will be able to pinpoint the source of your sewer line’s issues, and the location of the problem. With this knowledge we will be able to recommend the best, quickest, and most cost-efficient repair method.

Pipe Replacement and Repair

Over the years, our expert plumbers have worked tirelessly to perfect the art of repairing a sewer line while doing as little damage to the surrounding area as possible. Our goal is to repair or replace your sewer line with as little devaluing or damage done to your property. The particular method of repair depends on what exactly the sewer line camera inspection revealed as the source of the problem. However, the particular methods that we use are chosen based on two major concepts: maintaining or replacement.

At Universal Plumbing and Sewer, we have developed a reputation in the Oakland and Macomb County, MI area for excellence in all plumbing related matters, and sewer line repair is no exception. For more information, a free quote, or to hire our plumbing services for any plumbing problem you are experiencing, give us a call at 586-459-0040.

Sewer Repair Check List

Sewer Repair can be a costly investment. Here are a few things that homeowners can do to ensure they receive the best experience possible.

1. A licensed local plumber

In Oakland and Macomb Counties, anyone can pull a drain layers permit, so you can easily end up using a non-qualified plumbing company by mistake.  You should ensure that anyone you hire to install a sewer line or perform plumbing work in your home is licensed and insured with a master plumber on staff as part of the daily operations of the company. It is also a good idea to make sure that the company you choose always answers their phone. At Universal Plumbing and Sewer we have 24-hour emergency service. Which means day or night, if something goes wrong, we answer the phone.

2. Permits

Any licensed plumber is going to pull a permit with your city or township and have the work inspected by your local municipality.  There is a cost for pulling a permit with the city and it should be included with the original estimate for the repair. The cost of a plumbing drain repair permit is a very small fraction of what it will cost you to have the whole thing redone by a qualified plumber. As long as the sewer repair remains within your property line, the cost could be anywhere between $80 to $100 and will include the inspection of the sewer line before the hole is back filled.  The city inspector is there on your behalf to ensure that your job is done right.  He will make sure you have a solid connection, that the pipe is properly bedded to prevent the pipe from shifting over time, and other quality control items that will make your sewer repair one that stands the test of time.  Pulling a permit and having the inspection will give you peace of mind knowing that your job is done correctly.  Don't use a contractor that advises against pulling a permit; this should be a red flag that they do not believe that their work will stand up to the inspection.

3. City Taps

Occasionally the broken or shifted pipe will be located at the city tap. Most cities charge extra to replace the city tap. Where your sewer line ties into the city sewer will have a huge impact on the pricing of the repair. Every city has different requirements. If the tap is in the street they may charge a right away access fee for cutting into the street as well as a city tap fee. Sometimes special bonds are required. Universal Plumbing & Sewer specializes in sewer repairs and will provide you with your city's requirements before the job is started.

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