Years ago, it was impossible to determine exactly what was going on inside a pipe without exposing and removing it. This, of course, was an annoying and expensive process that often meant cutting into floors or digging up the pipe outside. Now, drain line camera inspections have given technicians the ability to visually inspect drain lines that are underground or otherwise inaccessible, making the diagnosis of problems in the pipes much easier, cheaper, and less invasive.

What is a camera inspection?

In a camera inspection, a skilled technician feeds a long cable with a special waterproof camera on the end into a drain line and is able to look around the inside of the pipe. The technician sees the camera's video feed on a monitor in real-time, allowing them to immediately see and diagnose any problems they find. The camera can also record its location in the pipe, which takes all the guesswork out of finding the exact location of a problem if any repairs are needed.

What kinds of problems can a camera inspection identify?

Tree roots growing into the pipe, buildup of grease or underground minerals, and broken or corroded sections of pipe are all common problems that cause your drains to run slowly or back up. These are just a few examples, but no matter what is going on in the drain pipe, the camera can reveal the problem. In rare cases, a camera inspection can also help in locating lost valuables, such as jewelry that was dropped down a drain.

When to get a camera inspection

If you experience repeated drain line backups or slow drains in your home and you're tired of calling plumbers to snake it, there may be a deeper problem than just a simple clog. A camera inspection will visually show you what's causing those frequent backups, and will help you decide on a course of action that will clear your drain line once and for all.
A camera inspection is also a good idea if you're looking to purchase a home. If there are any problems that will cause headaches and expensive repairs down the road, the camera inspection will uncover all of them.

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We will send an experienced drain specialist with a top-of-the-line sewer camera, so you can rest assured that the job will be done right and any problems will be correctly diagnosed.

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