At Universal Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. we are owned and operated by a licensed Master Plumber and provide our customers with clean, friendly, quality service. We believe in upfront, honest price without hidden charges or add-on fees. 

Because plumbing problems are often unexpected, our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our company motto,  "Proudly Serving Our Community with Excellence," has served us well over the past 13 years, allowing us to increase our business based on referrals and repeat customers. Our plumbing service has earned the esteemed Angie's List Service Award for both plumbing and drain cleaning. We specialize in residential plumbing and offer a broad range of services.

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We Proudly Specialize in:

  • Garbage disposals

  • Ice maker installation

  • Laundry box or tub installation

  • Remodeling

  • Re Pipe in PEX or copper

  • Septic tank bypass

  • Tub & shower installation/repair

  • Water service installations

  • Winterizations

Sewers and Drains

We're drain cleaning experts! When dealing with a main sewer drain filled with roots or a clogged kitchen or bathroom drain, our highly skilled plumbers and top-of-the-line sewer machines will get the job done right. When you are dealing with a backed up sewer, you want to go with a plumber that knows his trade. Our plumbers are able to help you maintain a drain with regular maintenance or offer you options if a repair is required. Our trusted Master Plumber has been eliminating drain issues for 20+ years. Allow us to earn your repeat business with our low rates and great service.


Hydro Sewer Jetting

High pressure water jetting is an extremely effective method of sewer cleaning. Unlike standard methods of drain cabling or snaking the sewer line, which is limited to the diameter of the sewer machine's cable width, a high pressure water jetting can completely clear the drain line. The high pressure jetter removes grease, debris and tree roots, restoring the flow of your main sewer line or kitchen drain. Our 4000 PSI jetter works by pumping water into the line at an extremely high rate, creating a concentration of intense water pressure that can cut through and wash away even the toughest of sewer clogs.


Outdoor Plumbing

Looking to add a new hose spigot to your home, or upgrade a current one to frost free? Did you know that we can install a hot and cold valve outdoors for you? Having the luxury of hot water outside is great for bathing pets, washing your car or filling a small pool. Maybe you would like to start saving money by installing a second water meter. Our technicians can help you reduce your water bill and start saving money today! We work with your local city or township to run the pipes as they have determined.



Whether you are installing a new toilet in your basement, or if your toilet is running, Universal Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. has your solution. Our exceptional team of plumbing experts can make minor or major repairs to your current toilet or replace it all together. Our fully stocked trucks contain everything needed to handle all your toilet repairs and replacements.


Sump Pumps

Universal Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. stocks only top-of-the-line cast iron sump pumps with a minimum of ½ hp. recommending both Zoeller and Liberty pumps to ensure your basement stays dry. A back up sump pump system is recommended for anyone that has a finished basement or stores items in their basement that they would not want to get wet. All of our backup systems are installed with a separate discharge line to ensure that water is always able to discharge away from the home.


Water Heaters

Hot water is a modern day must! When your water heater is leaking or will not light, you can rest assured that we are available to you 24/7 to help walk you through shutting it down, or send out a plumber to help. We install Bradford White water heaters as well as all the top brands. If you need a new water heater or just need help maintaining your current water heater, we are here to help.


Backflow Testing

Backflow is the reverse flow of dirty water through clean water lines, and it can be a serious hazard to the health of you and your neighbors. Backflow testing is required regularly in many cities and associations. Our Master Plumber is ASSE Certified in the state of Michigan, and with top-of-the-line testing equipment, we can test your backflow devices and make sure your clean water stays clean.


Sewer Repair

Problems with your sewer line can decrease the value of your home and even make it a dangerous place to live, so you don’t want to trust just anyone to repair such a vital part of your home. The highly trained and experienced team at Universal Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. takes care of everything from city permits to excavation, and we always have our work inspected by the city. You can rest assured that the health of your home is in good hands.


Faucets and Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures around your house such as shower faucets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, garbage disposals, utilities tubs and other such plumbing fixtures are at the heart of your everyday life. Universal Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. stocks most parts on our trucks to ensure we are able to keep your home flowing.


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