Outdoor Hose Spigot

As a licensed Master Plumber, we are able to install a hose spigot in just about any place you see fit.  There are many options available, including frost-free and hot/cold water. Whether you need to replace or repair your current spigots, we can offer you high-quality, affordable service. Give us a call to discuss the many options available to make your home more enjoyable.

Secondary Water Meter Installation

Is your water bill outrageously high in the summer? Oftentimes cities and townships charge double for sewage and water treatment than they do for the water. The cities only track how much water is used in the house.  They have no way of tracking how much of your water is actually going down your drains and into the sewer system.  Because of the way the city water meters work, all of the water used for washing your car, playing in sprinklers, watering the garden and filling your pool is charged for sewer treatment even though it is actually absorbed by the storm system or into the earth.

Adding a second meter to your home can save you thousands of dollars over the years and often pays for itself in the first few seasons. Watering your grass and flowers, filling your pool, washing your car and/or letting the kids play with the hose are all usages that that should not have a sewage charge attached. By adding a second water meter to your home you will be exempt from paying sewage on your outdoor water use.  The second meter allows the city to monitor your out door water use separate from the water used along with your sewer.  

Universal Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. will:

  • Give you upfront pricing

  • Pull permits required by your specific city

  • Have a licensed skilled technician run your water lines to fit the template your city or township provides

  • Allow you to start saving on your water bill

Sump Pump Discharge

Where does your sump pump take the water when it pumps it out of your basement? Does it come out of a pipe in your yard and spill all over the grass? Is it hooked up to the city sewer? Do you not even know the answer to this question? An improperly installed sump discharge line is somewhat common and can even be dangerous to your home in some cases, and even a correctly installed pipe can be ugly and inconvenient. Whatever the case, we can help!

Having a sump pump hooked up to the city sewer is illegal in many areas (the addition of groundwater into the sanitary sewer system during a storm can easily overwhelm the water treatment facilities), so a sump pump must discharge outside your house. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to this because it depends on the slope of the yard and the home’s specific landscaping, but the main goal is to take the purged water away from your house to a spot where it won’t return to your basement.

When you choose Universal Plumbing & Sewer to install or replace a sump pump discharge system, we take care to ensure everything is right, including the size, length, and slope of the discharge line. We take into account the cold Michigan winters as well to keep the line from freezing. Ultimately, we’ll work with you to help you determine the best option for your property, and we’ll work with your existing landscaping features, even if you choose to install a below-grade (underground) system. Call us at (586) 459-0040 to find out more!

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