Why You Should Get a Tankless Water Heater This Fall

A sudden, unexpected cold shower is never fun, and it's even worse in the freezing cold winter months. Just imagine stepping out of that freezing water, getting dressed, and then going out into the freezing cold snow to go to work - it would not be pleasant! A reliable water heater is incredibly important during this time of year. Most regular water heaters last around 10 years before they start leaking or otherwise malfunctioning, so it's a good idea to be proactive and replace an old tank.

If you've got an old water heater and you're thinking about replacing it this fall, consider getting a tankless water heater. These natural gas- or propane-powered heaters heat water as it passes through them, instead of holding heated water in a large tank, and they can do so much more for your family than a regular water heater can.

Here's a list of reasons why we love these water heaters:

Heats water on demand, which saves energy. Instead of keeping a tank full of water hot at all times even when it's not being used, a tankless water heater is designed to only turn on when a hot water tap is opened. This can save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills annually, depending on your family's water usage.

Unlimited hot water. A tankless water heater works by heating water as it passes through, so you won't run out of hot water even during/after a long shower. It's also great for filling a hot tub; the water won't get cold halfway through. The only downside is that it is much easier to take longer showers, thus using up more water. 

Fits into compact spaces. Unlike the bulky tank of a regular water heater, a tankless water heater is a wall-mounted unit that can easily fit into smaller spaces. Need more closet space? Get a tankless!

Longer life span. A regular water heater lasts only about 8-10 years on average, but a good tankless water heater can last up to 20 years if maintained properly.

Tankless water heaters are incredibly useful and efficient. They are an excellent option for any size house, especially if you have a hot tub or whirlpool to fill. You will save on your energy bills, so the unit will end up paying for itself over the years.

If you need a new water heater this fall, Universal Plumbing can help you find the perfect water heater for your family's unique preferences and needs. We supply only top-of-the-line water heaters, both regular and tankless, so you can rest assured your new water heater will do its job well. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians, and we will help you decide what kind of water heater is best for your home! 586-459-0040