The Power of a Good Review

Reviews are our favorite. We'll tell you why.

The capability to write public online reviews is great for both businesses and consumers. Everybody wins. It promotes honesty and allows anyone to get a glimpse of what kind of work the business really does, regardless of what their advertising says. And a truly good & honest company will get mostly good reviews, which helps them get new customers. This is especially true for local contractors, like plumbers. Inviting a stranger into your home to fix or install something can be nerve-wracking, but reviews allow you to read real people's experiences with this person and gain some knowledge first. It makes the process of choosing a company so much easier.

The only issue with reviews is that it is much easier to remember to write a review when you had a terrible experience. Let's say 10 people hire a company, and 9 out of 10 people have a good experience with them. Only 1 out of those 9 will remember to write a positive review, but the 1 who did not have a good experience is sure to write a negative review. Online, that makes the company appear to have a 50/50 split of good and bad experiences, when in reality 90% of customers were happy.

This is why it's so important to write a positive review when you have a great experience with a company, especially if they're a local business and you believe in them! Local businesses thrive on word of mouth - people are generally much more likely to choose a company based on a friend's recommendation rather than an ad for the company. Not only that, writing a good review and mentioning the technician(s) by name is a great way to let them know you're happy with their hard work.

When you leave a positive review for Universal Plumbing & Sewer, you're doing much more than just recommending us to others. You're helping us grow, you're encouraging the whole staff, and you're giving your technician a pat on the back for his quality work. So next time you hire us, if you're satisfied with your experience, take a minute or two to write a review! We're on HomeAdvisorAngie's ListYelpFacebook, and Google, and you can post your review on whichever site you prefer. We read them all and appreciate every one of them!


Here's one of our favorite reviews that we've received:

"Hands down the best service call by a plumbing company that I have ever had. Friendly, helpful, professional, and upfront with all work details. Highly recommend them." - Divna J.