Meet Our Sponsor Kids!


If you’ve been following us on social media for a while, you may remember us posting about our Compassion International sponsor kids a handful of times. Writing letters back and forth with our sponsor kids is one of my favorite parts of my job here at Universal Plumbing, and I’d love to tell you a bit more about it.

Compassion partners with local churches in impoverished areas of the world, and they work to stop the cycle of poverty by coming alongside the children in the community. When a child is sponsored through Compassion, they receive an education, nutritious meals, medical care, security, and much more. Many kids who have completed the Compassion program have gone on to graduate college, attain salaried employment, and become leaders in their communities.

Needless to say, this is an exciting cause that we are happy to contribute to! We currently sponsor 3 children through Compassion. Let me introduce you to these amazing kids!



Jose, our oldest sponsor child, is 12 years old and lives in El Salvador. His favorite subject in school is math, and he dreams of becoming a lawyer one day, which I totally believe he will do because he studies so hard. He talks often about his love for soccer and playing in tournaments with his friends. He enjoys helping his mom around the house and keeping things clean. What a sweet kid! We’re so proud of him and all he is accomplishing already.



Pablo is 8 years old and also lives in El Salvador. He just recently learned how to write and has been writing his own letters to us lately; previously, he would have a third person write his letters for him. He enjoys going to the beach, playing soccer, and riding his bike. In school, he is making new friends and learning about health, math, and literature, which is his favorite subject.

Writing letters back and forth with Pablo is always fun. One of my favorite letters from him said “I like to spend time with my friends and I will help the giraffe to finds the way,” and I’m not sure how much of that was just a funny translation, but I always get a kick out of it. Another favorite was when he explained that his favorite thing to do at home is sleep. Me too, Pablo. :)



We just recently started sponsoring Marvens, so we haven’t had a chance to get to know him much yet. We do know that he is 5 years old and lives in Haiti, and he enjoys playing with marbles and spending time with his friends. I’m excited to receive our first letter from Marvens, whenever that may be.


I hope you enjoyed reading a little about these awesome kids. We love being able to contribute to their development and give them hope every day. If you'd like to hear about our sponsor kids more often, leave a comment and let us know!

If you’d like to consider sponsoring a child through Compassion, click here to visit Compassion’s website and read more about the program. I would highly recommend becoming a sponsor; it’s an easy and fulfilling way to make a real difference in someone’s life!