Have You Thanked Your Plumbing Lately?

Ah, plumbing. It's one of those things in life that no one really thinks about, and normally the only time it does come to mind is when something goes wrong with it. Yet, it is literally all around us and it gives us the quality of life we enjoy every day. Some may think they could go a day or two without plumbing, but the fact is that the average American uses around 80-100 gallons of water per day. Running water is so ingrained in our daily lives and habits that it's easy to forget about.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about all the good things your plumbing provides?

  • Your sump pump works hard at all hours to keep your basement/crawlspace dry at all times.

  • I don't think we even need to go into the benefits of having a working toilet. Just imagine what your everyday life would be like without one.

  • Water filter systems and ice makers make it so much easier to stay hydrated and healthy.

  • Sinks/faucets with clean water coming out of the tap make it possible to prepare food safely, wash your hands, wash dishes, and more. Imagine how the health of your home would be affected if you didn't have sinks!

  • Speaking of running water, it'd be impossible to make coffee without it. We're very thankful for coffee around here.

  • Hot showers. There is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower. You can thank your water heater and shower faucets for that.

  • The underground sewer system is responsible for taking all the waste water away from your home. If the sewer system didn't exist, where would all that nasty water go?

  • How would you water your lawn or garden, fill up a pool, or wash your car without an outdoor faucet and hose?

  • The way drains are plumbed ensures that sewer gases don't escape into your house. We're all familiar with that awful smell; aren't you glad it's not all over your own home?

Take a moment today to appreciate your plumbing. It may not cross your mind often, but it is responsible for making your home a healthy and comfortable place to live every day, and that is definitely a good reason to be thankful!