4 Ways a Hot/Cold Hose Spigot Makes Life Easier

Have you ever wished you could have both cold and hot water come out of your garden hose outside, just like the faucets in your home? With a hot/cold hose spigot, you can. Here are a few great reasons you'd love having outdoor hot water.

1. Washing the Dog

Washing the dog in your bathtub works fine, but that dog hair gets everywhere. All over the floors, cabinets, and not to mention down the tub drain (which can easily cause a clog). And if your dog is anything like mine, they'll shake immediately after the bath is done, spraying that water and hair all over the house. Being able to wash your dog outdoors will eliminate the cleanup completely, and the availability of warm water will make it more comfortable for both you and your dog. And when they do that after-bath shake, they'll already be outside.

2. Filling a Pool

Even on the hottest summer days, swimming in ice-cold water will make anyone shiver. How many times have you filled up the pool, and then let it sit for a few hours before using it so the sun could warm it up a little? If you could fill the pool with warm water straight from the hose, you'd be able to swim right away and it'll be much more enjoyable.

3. Washing Your Car (or Motorcycle, Boat, Etc.)

Anyone who has washed dishes before knows how much easier it is to clean anything with hot water, and your car is no exception. The icy hose water does very little to cut through the dirt, tar, and bird poop that could be stuck on your car. Washing your car with hot water can save time and make the job much easier.

4. Rinsing Off 

Playing or working outside is messy, no matter what you're doing. Shoes get muddy, hands get dirty, feet get covered in grass. Instead of tracking all that grime inside the house and having to clean it up later, wash it off right outside! With a hot/cold hose, rinsing off your (or your kids') hands and feet is just as comfortable as a warm shower.

Does this sound good to you? Give us a call at (586) 459-0040 and we'll install one of these great hot/cold hose spigots! You'll be on your way to a more enjoyable summer in no time.